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Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 55 – (AD 278) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.3 Miles – 5,400 Miles and 30th on My Schwinn

Good Day,

This morning I completed my 22.3 miles on my Schwinn 150. This now means two more of my goals have been achieved today. One, I have now clocked over 5,400 miles on my Schwinn 150, actually 5,419.3. Two, I have reached my 30th Interlake address goal. I am still in California.

I am now headed southeast on County Road G14 or on Interlake Road. I am just to the right of the San Antonio Reservoir. And I am feeling damn good! My next and 31st Interlake address goal is somewhere in the vicinity of an area southeast of Los Angeles...and that is all I will tell.

This map is a current routing of my return Trek from Seattle to Tampa that I have cycled so far. It is my route from Interlake Avenue in Seattle, Washington to Interlake Road in Bradley, California.

And I do not like to harp on about medical issues but I just thought that it was sort of a hoot that today I had two appointments; the front and the back doors.

But I suppose I could go on about the physical ailments in this house... My prime PC has not been returned. The water pump on the pool stopped working, and the house still resembles the set of an upcoming episode of the Some Far East Hoarders Textile Reality Show.

There is now one more row of single chains to complete the border for our Sea Foam afghan. Blumish Two quilt is undergoing a thorough review of all starts and stops.

Check out the October 7th scheduling in Orlando at Florida Cabin Fever...

Am reading a book by Jack Foster "How to Get Ideas". On Page 70, "Of course you are in a rut. Admit it...And because you are in a rut, every day your five senses are recording the same things they recorded yesterday - the same sights, the same feelings, the same smells, the same sounds, the same tastes...But please, today, do something. Something different..."

The art of Guisseppe Colarusso. Something different, something to think about. Cyclopsufficient.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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