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Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 48 – (AD 271) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.2 Miles – Gustine, CA

Good day,

Well it's now 4:10 PM, and I have just finished my 21.2 miles on my Schwinn 150. This has been a long day but I still got my cycling in. I have now cycled 5,266.5 miles.

I am still traveling south on Highway CA-33, the Santa Nella Boulevard. I left Patterson, cycled through Newman, and passed Gustine California. I am now only 151 miles from my next Interlake goal.

Today I had to put in a new amplifier, receiver thing in my sound and theater system. The old one sort of died two weeks ago. Now it's working fine and dandy, but it took about four and a half hours, and definitely not of my unskilled labor to replace and rewire my system. Great news! We have now eliminated 50,000 remote control thing-a-ma-bobs. We're now down to one universal remote and we can now access Netflix via our iPhone or iPad. This is pretty slick. But I tell you, technology is moving way too fast for me.

Yesterday I had to take Radar, a.k.a. Ready, to Petco to buy him a straitjacket harness. This is the only way that I can now walk him. The sneak, while I was walking the Pack, slipped out of his old harness and bolted. For the next hour, in the 90° F heat with the other three mini-canines in tow, I chased him up and down the blocks of the neighborhood as he bounded and teased me at his own pleasure. No matter what, I was ready to ring his bloody neck.

His new harness all-things-being-equal is an almost guaranteed to be escape proof.  He is supposed to not be able to get out of it. Oh and by the way, this was the fourth time that he has done this. I believe he replaces those humongous ears of his with Satanic horns. He is a devil dog... but I definitely would not trade him.  Guess I just got some more exercise.

Mad Men, season five, episode seven. Don learns that is good and tentative clients think is good, but they will reward him only in the distance.

All yarn ends have been woven back into the inner top of Sea Foam. I am pretty pleased with the current outcome and result of the work. For a detailed update, images, check out Afghans SB. Blumish Two is on the final legs of the quilt work on the long arm. We're both excited at what we are seeing.

The healthy and enjoy,


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