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Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 73 - (AD 296) - Jim's Trek Part II - The Sequel - 21.1 Miles - Palm Springs, CA on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

And I made it to Palm Springs, California.

This morning my 21.1 miles on my Schwinn 150 I reached Varner Road, running parallel to the Sonny Bono Memorial and the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highways. And today I have now cycled 5,804.3 miles and I have just over 16 miles left to reach my 31st Interlake address.

I was somewhat shocked this morning when I took my early morning blood sugar test. My Fasting Blood Glucose count was the lowest ever, 72 mgl/dL. Here are the remarks from Medindia: "Congratulations! Your blood glucose level is within normal limits and you do not have diabetes at present. Repeat the test to check your blood glucose level for every 3 years."

From Accu-Chek I used an A1C calculator. The A1C test result correlates to the average daily blood sugar. My average over the past 73 days from when I stopped taking any diabetes medication is 100.8 mb/dL. The A1C calculator returned back 5.14%. It also stated "Congratulations! Your A1C result falls within the normal range—even for people who don't have diabetes." And yes I do have an appointment with my Diabetes Doctor next month.

Not being magical or fixed in on some secret devise or ingredient, I have been cycling on my Schwinn 150 for just over an hour every single day... I have also been watching, with one open eye, what and the amount of food that I have been eating.  But not being facetious I can see chocolate oil cake and Cherries Garcia ice-cream in my not too distant future.

I am. Today is Smile Day. Did you know that the Smiley face is now 50 years old?

A new publication and short collection of short stories and poems, Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South is now available through New Lit Salon Press. Cheers to Nathan Mark Phillips for providing his images and digital art.

Our Essbeecon and Who Did Desi Adore? quilt and wall-hanging have returned from QuiltFest in Jacksonville. Test 40 and Metropolis are showing this weekend at Splash of Color in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Blumish Two and Cosmo's Moon are being displayed in Portland, Oregon at MQX West next weekend. Andy and I will be presenting our work and our quilting Evolution this Monday, October 7 at Cabin Fever Quilters' Guild in Orlando. Check out updates and progress, once I get my PC back, at Quilts SB.

My PC is now delayed for another four days. I can be sure that I will not be personally working with the associated hard driver provider EVER again.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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