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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 92 – (AD 315) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.2 Miles – 6,200 Miles On My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

I read this this morning in Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way.

"Stop complaining about the lousy curves you get thrown and stretch, reach for what you really want."

I think she was referring to me.

Today I cycled another 21.2 miles on my Schwinn 150. Another goal reached this morning; I topped the 6,200 mile mark. My total miles to date – 6,214.9.

This morning I am on Highway Arizona 89A N just about due west of Coyote Springs and south of Woodchute Mountain in Arizona. I believe that the next city that I come to is Cottonwood. And I am about 250 miles from the New Mexico state border.

I got somewhat ticked off last night when I watched a commercial on TV. It was an ad the expounded upon the reasonable, albeit unreasonable, loss of weight one could effectively realize in a short period of time with their product. The product, a tread climber offered “in just 30 minutes, 3x a week…” that one is sure to lose a “great” number of pounds. BS!!! I got more and more irate with the personal testimonies that were presented. Yes there is truth to the fact that there are a good number of calories burned using the product, but there is also the fine print.  And yes it is a marketing and sales advertisement, but at what point does it become entrapment?

I have been cycling on my stationary Schwinn 150 almost every day, consistently for almost 11 months. I am burning on the average 630 calories each day. I have only lost 7.6 pounds!  On purpose?

Okay I didn't need to lose much weight but what about the fine print? What about the diet? What about the truth?

I worked on a 1794 record in my search and research for Smith’s in the Grenada Register of Records. It feels good that I have accomplished a return to my genealogy work.  I will be posting my 1,072 posting to A Genealogy Hunt.

Last night I made my next batch of Scotch Bonnet mixture.  Apropos that as this is close to Halloween it could be a Scotch Bonnet brew.  This one is Beer Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce and Vinegar; a two-for-one.  And this one is hotter than either the SB Spread or the SB Chili Relish.  Check out Jim's Gotta Eat for my quick recipe write-up.

Andy and I are now creating and constructing two new quilts and the fabrics have been chosen for both. The design is a very simple but classic one, sort of an unassuming variation on a log-cabin, woven log, and Bonnie Scotsman patterns.  Soon to be named.  Here's a sampling for one.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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