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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 74 - (AD 297) - Jim's Trek Part II - The Sequel - 20.6 Miles - La Quinta, California on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Today's mileage - 20.6 on my Schwinn 150. And I have succeeded in reaching my 31st Interlake/Interlachen address goal. I cycled on through the community and paused at the intersection of Merion and Interlachen in La Quinta, California. "B" marks the spot.

Continuing on, I am now located on Airport Blvd and 56th Avenue. I am headed in a westerly direction and will be soon crossing Monroe Street.  And for the new readers the exercise is the real part of the trip, the journey on the road is the virtual part.

La Quinta has a population of about 37,500 and definitely appears to be a golfing community. The Robb Report credits La Quinta as the leading golf destination in the US.

And I did find, even though I have never lost one as I am not a golfer, a St. Anthony golf ball. Remember he is the patron saint of finding lost things. Three St. Anthony balls are available for $10.95 at Catholic Supply. I suppose these may work on any fairway. 

My next and 32nd Interlake address goal is 186 miles away. It also appears that my virtual Trek has now reached its probable southern point on my journey back from Seattle to Tampa. I think I will be heading in an almost westerly direction from now on.

My current stats are: -
  • Location – La Quinta,California
  • Sequel Distance – 20.6; Total 1,567.8 miles
  • Grand Total Miles – 5,824.9
  • Calories Burned - 606
  • Weight – 163.4 lbs; Total Loss – 7.4 lbs
  • Belly Measurement - 33"; Total Loss - 11"
  • Blood Sugar - 86 mg/dL
  • Blood Pressure – 125/79
  • BMI – 22.9
This morning's episode of The West Wing, Season 5, Episode 18 - Access was where a television documentary crew follows the White House Press Secretary around to film a "typical" day. An interesting concept and performance for the 106 episode of The West Wing.

Last night's supper - Chicken mushroom broccoli risotto.  I'm beginning to enjoy preparing risottos but as I am only eating them and not being judged, even though the dish tastes wonderful, I cannot assess whether I am actually making a "judge-quality" concoction.  But it sure tasted good.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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