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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 94 – (AD 317) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.0 Miles – The General Crook Trail On My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

And this late morning I cycled 22.0 miles and I burned off another 661 calories on my Schwinn 150. I am now averaging just 630.5 calories every single day. Not bad for an hour and about 10 minutes.

My Trek now has me traveling on AZ-260 E, the General Crook Trail and just a bit after Fossil Creek Road. I am just south of West Clear Creek, Arizona. The landscape is certainly a dry one.

I wonder whether the next 2014 Florida gubernatorial election should prove somewhat interesting. I’m not particularly political but it would definitely cause this head to turn should the final two candidates for Governor be the current and somewhat unpopular, Rick Scott (Republican) and the former one Charlie Crist (now Democrat formerly Republican). Something sure to watch in the upcoming year.

And something caught my eye.  Well this small insignificant inhabitant of this planet called earth is certainly amazed at the BIG business and the quantity of items available for sale at The Catholic Company. But I am sort of confused at one specific statuette. It is priced at $199.95… Such a deal.  BUT it can also be bought at Walmart for a considerable lower price of $154.99. So we now have these two huge conglomerates offering the same item for sale at a considerable cost spread difference. I wonder if The Catholic Company will match Walmart’s price. And if there is any guilt the $45.04 can be placed into the offering plate.

But, I am somewhat befuddled… The statuette is a figure of a mythological creature, Santa Claus, kneeling to a reclining child, Jesus, while a somewhat large lamb looks on. And the explanation on The Catholic Company sales’ website is “…This kneeling Santa figurine represents the world and Heaven meeting face to face.” When was I taught that Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas, is a viable representation of me? How?

And another question - Which part is not a myth?

The blocks of An Unnamed Classic quilt have all been completed.  The arrangement of the blocks and the sashing is now being constructed.  Work on the third band of our Vanderbilt afghan continues.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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