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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day 164 – (AD 390) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.3 Miles – Still in Louisiana on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

This morning I got on my Schwinn 150 and completed another 21.3 miles. To date, since I began on December 2, 2012, I have racked up 7,773.7 miles. I am amazed that I have stuck it out since then and cycled for 390 days. Praise to the pedaling gods that my Schwinn 150 has not become an elaborate clothes hanger.

On my virtual Trek I am headed northeast on LA-82 E and I am located at the intersection of Pine Island Road.

The battle strategies are beginning to appear. I am prepared now to turn off my hearing aids, even though I do not use any, as politicians and their corresponding election mechanics start the 1,032 days trudge to the White House. I think we’re going to see and hear a different type of campaigning for the 58th U.S. President. Bridge-gate is now a focus today. Next?

¥ 150,000 equals US $24,800 equals one Kidney per the Chinese version of WikiAnswers. And the response from the seller – “I don’t have any supply. I am selling my own kidney and am badly in need of cash. I am nineteen years old.The New Yorker.

Work continues on our two current projects, BW 2010 quilt and wall hanging, and A-New afghan/throw.

I continue to pedal and watch Netflix's House of Cards.  Did I truly want this part of life and politics? Or did I want the Hollywood part? From time to time, I reach a point that I have to question "Should I continue pedaling or should I pause at this point?"  And then I complete my 60 sit-ups.

Be healthy and enjoy your flock of turkeys,


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