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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 165 – (AD 391) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 20.7 Miles – Abbeville, Louisiana on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

This morning I cycled another 20.7 miles on my Schwinn 150. I am just shy of the 7,800 mile mark. My total miles are now 7,794.4.

My virtual Trek has me now located and heading north on S Airport Road toward Chiasson Road. I am still in Louisiana and it appears that I will still be trekking in this State for another 20, plus or minus, days. And then it is another 583 more miles to get to my final destination, home.

It is sometimes a pleasure to read a masthead on an article that pushes in a positive direction. Politico’s Millionaire conservative backs Calif. minimum wage increase.

House of Cards, Chapter 7 keeps my attention as I cycle. By using the episodes and chapters of each series I am holding myself from binge watching. But damn, I definitely want to find out what happens next.

Today is Pharmacist, Clean-off Your Desk, and Marzipan Day. The original Marzipan Panis Martius or Marci Panis was sold in the Tallinn Town Pharmacy, Europe's oldest operating apothecary (1422). According to legends, an apprentice at the Town Pharmacy accidently concocted it as a remedy, perhaps against the plague.

Two-thirds of our BW 2010 quilt and wall hanging has been completed. We received the postcard announcements for the MANifestations Exhibit. Our Cosmo’s Moon is a part of the exhibit. I have decided to tweak my original design for our A-New afghan/throw.

Be healthy and enjoy your flock of turkeys,


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