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Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 183 – (AD 409) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.0 Miles – Navarre, Florida on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

On this rainy Tampa morning I am indoors on my Schwinn 150. I cycled 22.0 miles.

Part II of my Jim’s Trek is now headed east in the Florida Panhandle. I am currently located at Navarre, population of about 30,000 and I am headed east on Hwy 30 E/FL-30 E/Route 30 E/SR 30 E/State 30 E/State Hwy 30 E/US-98 E/Navarre Parkway near Joybrook Road.

And now I understand why so many people get lost driving in Florida. A good number of streets and roads have just so many names and bloody designations. Now I understand why my GPS one day near Sarasota had me driving right into the Intracoastal… WATERWAY.

I know the times they are a’changin when the first question my Doctor asks me when I walk into his office is “Where are you now on your Trek?” or “What mile have you now completed?” And I have been working on the Google mapping of my next virtual Trek and real Schwinn 150 cycle ride.

All-things-being-equal I will be completing Jim’s Trek Part II just about February 21st. And most definitely will I NOT be turning my Schwinn 150 into a supplementary clothes or quilt hanger in one of the spare rooms. After an almost consistent use of my stationary Schwinn over a period of just about, calculating right now, of 430 days since December 2, 2012, I will be getting back on after maybe a weekend off and then hitting the road once again. I definitely would like to see my 63rd birthday in on my Schwinn 150.

My stats are now –
  • Location – Navarre, Florida
  • Sequel Distance – Today 22.0; Total 3,925.7 miles
  • Grand Total Miles – 8,128.8
  • Miles to Go – 400.0
  • Calories Burned Today - 656
  • Number of Sit-ups - 100
  • Weight – 166.4 lbs; Total Loss – 4.4 lbs
  • BMI – 23.4
  • Belly Measurement – 32”; Total Loss – 12”
  • Blood Sugar - 106 mg/dL
  • A1c - 5.11%
  • eAG – 100 mg/dL
  • Blood Pressure – 121/87
  • Age – 62 yrs, 1 mth

I have now been no longer taking any form of diabetes medication since July 18, 2013. Definitely not bad. And I think that the new shorts that I bought a couple of months ago may have to be taken in at the waist. At least some of them have a drawstring that helps to keep them up. I REFUSE to wear suspenders and a belt together, fashion statement or not. My waist may be reducing, but not my dress dignity.

Just wondering, does one age faster if one dwells on the past versus one who lives for the day, each and every day?

Be healthy and enjoy,


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