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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 168 – (AD 394) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 20.8 Miles – Definitely Still in Louisiana on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

This morning I slept in. Believe it or not? Doesn’t happen too often. I can almost count the number of times I have in my 62 years. Well, I considered not riding this morning but I ignored that thought and I did cycle 20.8 miles late this morning on my Schwinn 150.

My total miles on the same Schwinn 150 now total 7,858.8.

I am located on Highway 90 E somewhere in Louisiana. I know that I may have crossed Bayou Teche a while back. On my right there is what I think is a small Cargill Inc. facility on Cargill Road. My sources do reveal that I am close to Patterson so this may be what I think I am seeing. I now have about 300 miles remaining to get to my next Interlake address goal point.

Me tink I gits no respek whan dey reads miane wurds nuff.

And I hope, j’espère, that I have stopped the upward trending of my blood sugar count. Well this morning my actual number was 99. Since New Year’s Day I have been averaging a count of 105 and this morning was the first day that I dropped below the 100 mark. I’m not sure where but in one of my journals I had written that I needed to do it, and I did. Okay, okay... but this means that I need to continue. I DO NOT want to have to make myself start back on my diabetes medications. So Smith, just wise up.

Did you know that you can fork out just under $1,000.00 for a “Premium Family Bug Out Bag and Survival Kit”? This kit by OuttaGEAR is just the thing that one may need for and if we listen to the hype that is now being pushed by our local Emmy seeking newscasters. But buyer beware OuttaGEAR, in Virginia adds on an additional $21.99 to ship this kit to your home. But what about the expiration dates? And this kit provides the survival gear for a grand total of four people.

But I truly liked the obvious question –

Q: I see no options to store your guns and ammo. Is there room in this thing for that?

A: We use the side pocket to store a pistol and bullets, but it’s not specifically designed as such.

Wonder if I can take my survival kit to the next screening of “Lone Survivor”?

The top of BW 2010 has been completed. Hurrah! Now comes the next phase of our work, the quilting of both BW 1950 and BW 2010. Check for the most recent updates at Quilts SB.

House of Cards and Golden Globes, congratulations. What a way to end a contract? Definitely a recommended viewing companion for 20.8 miles on a Schwinn 150 and 70 sit-ups.

Be healthy and enjoy your flock of turkeys,


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