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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 113 – (AD 1,018) – 23.7 Miles – Jim's Trek Part IV – Boxing Day On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Today’s Schwinn 170 pedaling – 23.7 miles. My grand totals now stand at 21,598.2 miles; 34,759.0 kilometers.

On the virtual part of my journey I am now located at SPLitoranea, 01016 Tarquinia VT, Italy.

Last night I ate at an Asian restaurant, Saki, the all-you-can-eat sushi-teriyaki-hibachi-nice-to-sit-and-be-served eatery.

I like this restaurant because it is sort of quiet and I never feel like any one, any server, is just trying to rush me out and turn over the table. But I did notice something sort of different about the patrons last night; I remarked that I was feeling slim…visually, that is. It must have been the night out for the Overeaters’ Anonymous meeting. There appeared to be an abundance of plus-plus-plus size and full-really-full figured customers.They just kept on coming and coming into the restaurant.

At the nearest table to our booth, a table of eight in the dim light, I thought I noticed that they were seated each with an invasion of personal space. Let’s just say that the total weight of the table, at both ends, and at each side, combined may have topped 2,400 pounds. The busboys certainly did not gain much in tips that night.

Three of my spam emails, in succession, this morning read “These Fruits and Vegetables Kill Stomach Fat – Indian Meals – Find a large selection of full figured bras”. And of course, another email to my alter-trans-ego, “I was shocked by this, Jacqueline!

My early morning blood sugar is down 11 points today to 102.

I have a dilemma, sort of.

Unless I was at work, I hardly ever checked messages left on my answering machine at home. I was tied down to a beeper, remembering those days, and to an office phone for too long and for way too much time. I just have a hard time adapting to an answering machine at home. And whenever I turned over to emails for communication I found that I regularly checked my emails.

I almost always make it a personal effort to answer business and regular emails with 24 hours. And now texting has entered the freedom of my own space.

Here are my self-imposed rules. I will try, key word try, to check my text messages at least once every 24 hours. I will not be tied to my cell and/or land line phones.

If you text me please do not expect me to be ignoring you. I just want my space and I do not want to feel a paranoia that I am missing something. I do not want to be glued to my communications devices. Period.

Sue Scheff states in her point number 10 of “Scholarly Facts About Texting (Pro’s and Con’s)

Many people are addicted to texting: Researchers at the University of Maryland studied 200 students after 24 hours of no texting or other media. They found many of them were basically experiencing withdrawal, anxiety, and difficulty functioning. Dr. David Greenfield of the Center for Internet Behavior has compared constant texting and checking email to gambling addiction.” 

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Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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