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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 10 – Increase to 10.1 Miles – Trek To Winter Park, Florida

Good Day,

I increased two things on my excursion this morning on my Schwinn 150. I amplified the resistance level from 3 to 4; the top level is 10. I also increased my total mileage for the day by a whopping 0.1 mile to a total of 10.1 miles. I want to be slow but sure… and definitely not overdo it. This morning’s total mileage now reaches 91.1 miles since I began; only 3,209.9 miles left to go to arrive at 4216 Interlake Avenue North in Seattle.

This morning my Trek takes me to FL-600 East aka US-17 North aka US-92 East aka County Road 532 aka South Orange Blossom Trail at about Lime Street. I wonder if a cartographer may get confused with the number of names and designations given to one stretch of road. Certainly would confuse me… Also I am glad that my Schwinn 150 certainly is devoid of the need of a new tire.

You know that as I have included as many Interlake addresses on my route to Seattle as a sub-set of my overall goal, it should be something of a wonder exactly where I will be, apart from still in Tampa, on December 2, 2013.

Miles to Seattle   To Date Miles Remaining   % Completed  
3,301 miles 91.1 miles    3,209.9 miles 2.76%

And today is the fixed date of 12/12/12… I wonder whether there is anything special about 12 minutes past noon. I know that Kiam Mariya, from Birmingham, Alabama, and now lives in Bronxville, New York, will celebrate his 12th birthday today December 12, 2012 at 12 minutes after midday.

Well Rose got proposed to in today’s episode of Upstairs Downstairs, after only four days. Will she move to Australia?

For supper tonight I am looking for a good recipe for pork belly and turnips. Found one. It is a variation of Kakuni, a Japanese stew… My issue is one of the directions in the list of ingredients – “1/4 cups of cooking wine (less if the meat doesn’t smell that bad)”. I wonder.

Enjoy your day, I'm on my way to Winter Park.


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