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Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 5 – Increase to 10 Miles Today

Good Day,

This morning’s ride of 10 miles on my destination to 4216 Interlake Drive in Lakeland, Florida, allowed me to reach the intersection of County Road 700 and Rock Ridge Road. And this segment of my Trek, to the next Interlake address, has me heading in southeasterly direction… Unless I’m getting on a boat somewhere on the coast of this State of Florida, I thought Seattle was in the opposite northwestern direction. Guess we’ll see what happens and what road I’ll be taking after I reach my Lakeland destination…

One thing for sure, my Schwinn 150 is definitely keeping me out of traffic. I certainly can avoid the 18-wheelers and their tremendous wind wake.

Only 3,260 more miles to go to...

Miles to Seattle   To Date Miles Remaining  
3,301 miles 41 miles    3,260 miles

Was wondering this morning as I was walking The Pack whether squirrels have a mind-altering effect on some dogs? Why do Max and Radar insist on picking acorns and eating them? It is a constant. Bella and Tinker never do; they only care about screeching at the fuzzy tailed rodents.

Alfred returned in today’s episode of Upstairs Downstairs… and shortly the bell in the tower chimed.

Well back to my genealogy search and research of the Pariza Family Line at A Genealogy Hunt. Also check out Quilts SB. Three soon to be completed quilts and wall hangings to be posted.



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