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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 20 – A 15.0 Mile Day – Camp Hog Waller

Good Day,

Only 3,077.6 miles left on my first Schwinn 150 goal to Seattle… and this morning I traveled 15.0 miles on my way north through the Ocala National Forest. And I have 5,775.9 miles to complete my scenic Interlake route goal.

I’m on County Road 310 heading west toward Interlachen, Florida. My morning location is north east of Lake Ocklawaha and south of Cross Florida Greenway. My Day 20 total mileage is 223.4 miles.

Miles to Seattle   To Date Miles Remaining   % Completed  
3,301 223.4 3,077.6 6.77%

I’m two seconds from Camp Hog Waller… So my type of place… and I can image my Schwinn 150 right in the midst of the celebrations.

And I had to learn about hog wallers. From the Urban Dictionary, believe or not, the definition of a hog waller states “A filthy, muddy hole frequented by undesirable folks or stinking, crap-encrusted hogs who wallow in the smelly muck with delight; An unusually disgusting place; A shithole from which normal people want to keep a respectable distance.” No comment… I’m sure the partakers are having a good time.

War loss is the theme of this morning’s episode of Upstairs, Downstairs.

And I continue on my way... Weight and blood sugar maintained.



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