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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 27 – Jim’s Trek – On the 5th Day of Christmas – 15.1 Miles

Good Day,

My location this morning, as accounted for by Google Maps for Jim’s Trek, is 667 Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida.

 Thanks Bob for warning me about the ferry north of Mayport. I caught it early this morning. Didn’t need the pontoons.

After 328.5 miles on my Tampa to Seattle Trek I have now about 287 miles to reach my next Interlake address point goal. It looks like, all-things-being-equal; I shall arrive at my next goal point on Friday, January 18, 2013.

Total Direct Miles to Seattle   To Date TD Miles Remaining   % TD Miles Completed   Interlake Miles Left to Seattle   Weight (lbs)  
3,301.0 328.5 2,972.5 9.95% 5,670.8 170.0

Been wondering about Max, our new puppy… He’s still on track to get fit and trim. The wiener-schnitzel tube that arrived this house a couple of months ago seems to have gradually disappeared. And it is a wonder as he follows and mimics Radar in many of his mannerisms. Even when he has to pee, Max sneaks his way between Radar’s leg and a tree. He wants to target the exact location.

Here he’s trying to determine exactly what a legless mouse is.

And now that WWI is over, Upstairs, Downstairs turns to the local battles of politics.



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