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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3 – Second Goal – My Daily Mileage

Good Day,

This morning I reached my supposed daily mileage goal, 9 miles… And now I have 3,279 miles remaining to reach my Seattle, Washington destination. At this rate I will reach my overall goal on December 5, 2013… that is of course, if we are still here after the 21st.

Obviously my route to 4216 Interlake Avenue, North in Seattle will not necessarily be too straight a line destination. I will be side tracking to as many Interlake or Interlaken addresses throughout the United States. The question is where will I be each day of the year on my journey to Seattle?

This morning my total mileage is 22 miles. My approximate location on my route to my next Interlake destination is somewhere on Meadow Pointe Boulevard near Wesley Chapel South, Florida. (Obviously I’m still in Florida…) I’m using Google Maps to approximate my location on this Trek of mine. Nice thing is the upper image shows an overcast day while the sun is shining bright here at my Interlake Drive…

Was wondering why the British upper classes allowed themselves to be named such idiotic nicknames… Bunny, Cocky, Buffy, Corker, and Jimmy. Oh forget the Jimmy, that’s my name. But were not these appellations somewhat demeaning? Or was it supposed to be endearing. The Upstairs were together for a bird shoot for the weekend… and the extent of their amusement was shooting pheasants, (of which they didn’t even retrieve, someone else did), dress up, dine, drink, and play cards.

On to the next episode.



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