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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 11 – 11 Miles Today – My Trek Clocks Past 1st 100 Miles

Good Day,

I have now clocked 102.1 miles. I have surpassed 3% of my overall 3,301 mile goal from Tampa to Seattle. I am now located north of Kissimmee, just about at Southchase.

I’m in the bike lane on South Orange Blossom Trail and still headed in a northerly direction. Maybe at my next Interlake/Interlachen address point my Trek will turn to the west. I’m only taking it one day at a time.

As you can see I am in the bike lane on S Orange Blossom Trail. And to my left of my 11 miles goal this morning, I noticed a fitness club, (slight chuckle here), and one of the shops at the strip mall is a Bike Works… (Again, another chuckle.)
Radar contently chews on his antler, (sorry Santa), at his master’s feet. He’s learnt to avoid the whirling of the Schwinn 150 pedals. The puppy, Max, learned the hard way.

One hundred and two point one miles completed only 3,198.9 to go until December 2013.

Miles to Seattle   To Date Miles Remaining   % Completed  
3,301 miles 102.1
3,198.9 miles 3.09%

The summer weather is stifling the occupants at Upstairs Downstairs…and everyone is either sick or arguing with someone else. A bad dream appears to portend that which is to come. All the makings of a superfluous soap opera.

My next Interlake address goal seems to be closing in. Stay tuned and enjoy.



  1. Wish I would have read this the other day... I'd have told you to wave. You were in my neighborhood. A virtual wave that is. I was close to your area Friday. We visited my niece-in-crime in St. Pete for her Christmas party. I did a virtual wave to you guys as we drove around neighborhoods on Gandy (I thought that's where you lived). Peddle safely, watch out for those speed bumps (the dogs).


  2. Thanks Kevin. Certainly appreciate the encouragement. JKLS.