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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 18 – 14.0 More Schwinn 150 Miles – Would You Like a Glass of Sherry?

Good Day,

Closing in on 200 miles on my Schwinn 150. Total to date 194.4 miles, and I’m still on my way to Interlachen, Florida.

This morning I left from the intersection of Jerico Road and SR FL 40 somewhere south east of Lake George. I head 11 miles west along SR-40 W and then turn north on FL-19 N for an additional 3.0 miles. My day’s 14.0 miles takes me into, I believe, the Ocala National Forest. I am now at the south west end of Lake George. Accordingly I have about 40 more miles to Interlachen, my 5th Interlake address goal.

My only company this morning on the vacant highway is the ghost of Google Mapping car past.

And my stats are:

Miles to Seattle   To Date Miles Remaining   % Completed  
3,301 194.4 3,106.6 5.89%

Upstairs, Downstairs is still in the throes of World War I, and everyone is attempting to his/her part. The Ladies of Upstairs have decided to throw tea parties for wounded officers. And listening in on a conversation had me chortling on my Schwinn 150.

Richard: “Prudence has called to see both of us.”

Lady Prudence: “On a mission of some urgency.”

Richard: “Prudence, would you like to have a glass of sherry?”

Lady Prudence: “No thank you, Richard. I’m trying to give it up as an example.”

Richard: “To whom?”

Lady Prudence: “To everyone! I mean, to the nation.”

Richard: “Well there isn’t anyone here except us.”

Lady Prudence: “Then I’ll have a glass of sherry. Thank you.”

Only 5,804.9 miles to go on my ultimate goal… Blood sugar and weight maintained.

Now to work on A Genealogy Hunt and our new Cosmo’s Moon quilt design.

24 hours to go…



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