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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 13 – 12.7 Miles – 3rd Interlake Goal Passed – Winter Lake, Florida

Good Day,

This morning I zipped right by my 3rd Interlake goal on my 12.7 miles. Actually it is the Interlachen Country Club and the gatekeeper wouldn’t allow me, or Google Maps to enter past the gate, without a membership. The entrance is on Interlachen Court just off of Lake Howell Road.

I am always trying to understand the derivation of words, but I cannot seem to find, at this point, from what Interlachen is derived. I know it looks like Interlake and so I using it as one of the alternative spellings to attach to my goals.

This morning my 12.7 miles ferries me to East Altamonte Drive at Grassy Lake.

Today’s total 126.9 miles. This morning I burned 291 calories. Even though my primary goal is to cycle a total of 3,301 miles from Tampa to Seattle I know that I will be adding tangential miles when I include my secondary goals of reaching the Interlake addresses. I have calibrated and adjusted each of my Interlake goals to now add them to my overall total. My total goal to Seattle, include the Interlake goals that I have added thus far is 5,999 miles.

At my today’s rate of 12.7 miles I will reach the total 5,999 miles to Seattle on March 23, 2014. I have added an additional four months to my complete goal. I wonder where I will be at my 3,301 mile goal.

Miles to Seattle   To Date Miles Remaining   % Completed  
3,301 126.9 3,174.1 3.84%

Upstairs Downstairs introduces Belgian refugees to 165 Eaton Place. Language barriers and Edward has to make a decision provide the dramatic innuendos.

Three quilts are going to their new homes today… Check Quilts SB for updates and for the new wall hanging project we’ve begun.



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