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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 100 – Jim’s Trek – 20.1 Miles – The 100 Tells It All – For Schwinn 150

Good Day,

My 20.1 miles today realizes a number of goals. This is Day 100 of my Trek on my Schwinn 150 and I have completed just a tad over 50% of my total goal. Total miles to date equal 1,652.5.

And today I reached my 13th Interlake address goal – Interlake Drive in Monona, Wisconsin. A direct route from my home on Interlake Drive, Tampa to Interlake Drive in Monona is 1,314 miles, whereas including my Interlake goals, the mileage totals 1,649.0.

My location this date is on the West Beltline Frontage Road in Madison, Wisconsin. I am headed toward North Rusk Avenue. I wonder if there is time for a service checkup of my Schwinn 150. I will be heading in a north westerly direction.

And it is cold in Tampa once again… which appropriately coincides with the celebration of Earmuffs' Day. Thank you Chester Greenwood from Maine for your Greenwood Champion Ear Protectors. Could someone please enlighten me as to why there are those who feel it necessary to celebrate the inane? And then again, accordingly, it is Coconut Torte Day and Registered Dietitian Day… Now that definitely is oxymoronic.  Guess Henry's wives could do without the earmuffs.

My new choice of a serial and mini-series is The Tudors… and I swear that I am watching the same plot line from Game of Thrones… Blood, war, jousting, sex, in-fighting, bickering, gold, advisors, and the spiritual guidance of would-be usurpers. And to top it all some of the characters are the same actors in both series. I’ll be watching through this mini-series of the exploits of Henry the Eighth. But to tell you the truth I need something different to excite the grey matter and keep my synapses functioning with creativity and originality.

Quilting has been completed for Metropolis and the binding is being attached. The silhouette of tree is next on the docket for Cosmos’ Moon. Check out Quilts SB for updates.

Oh, and by the way, thank you for 7,900 Pageviews since November 28.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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