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Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 112 – Jim’s Trek – 20.5 Miles – Waffles and Our Lady and Hobbits

Good Day,

Sometimes my mind is barren, devoid of any possible idea or thought to write about when I sit down at my desk and put my fingers on the keyboard. I know that I am daily producing type on a figment of paper somewhere in the annals of Internetland but I wonder if I am beginning to dry up.

This morning, on my Schwinn 150, and having completed 20.5 more miles in my Trek, I am on Red Wing Boulevard just about at the intersection of Michael Avenue. Red Wing Avenue is also MN-316 N. And we are having a cold snap in Tampa… but the 25° F at Rosemount, Minnesota this morning, at about 10 am, is just plain cold.

My next 14th Interlake address goal is on the short horizon. This morning I have completed 57.4% of my total Tampa to Seattle goal.

And today we can celebrate Waffle Day. This celebration began in Sweden due to confusion in the actual pronunciation of the correct day “Our Lady’s Day”. Våffeldagen – Waffle Day and Vårfrudagen – Our Lady’s Day… So does this mean that as one asks for intercession of Mary one feasts on waffles stacked and drenched in sugary maple syrup? Oh and by the way Nathan, today is also Tolkien Reading Day. Waffles, penance, and Hobbits?

Last night for supper, and I haven’t tried the Egyptian Koshari, as yet, I created a dish that was actually quite decent – Red chili rice with shrimp and bacon. This is a Rick Bayless recipe and I did make the salsa prior to including it as one of the key ingredients. And yes I would make this again…

The Tudors - Henry secretly marries Anne Boleyn... Cranmer and Cromwell take up the key advisory positions. The Reformation has begun. Was it coincidental that the pearls around Anne's neck, at her coronation as Queen, a production underlined-theme or just a dotted line?

Be healthy and enjoy,


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