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Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 105 – Jim’s Trek – 20.3 Miles – Still on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Today I increased my mileage to 20.3 miles. I am located somewhere going north on Highways 14, 61, and 27. I am almost at the intersection of 3 Chimney Road. I’m still in Wisconsin and I believe soon I will be leaving this State on my Trek, on my Schwinn 150, continuing to destination of Seattle, Washington.

I have increased my resistance level on my Schwinn 150 to 7 and I am cycling my 20.3 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes. But I think, as I continue, I need to find some comfort seat for my butt. I am really pleased with the results, thus far.  Blue line - mileage per day; Red line - belly measurements.

This morning our local Public Broadcasting Station is having its funds’ drive. This is a regular part of their marketing… But it was the offered giveaways, for a “donation”, that had me almost crying with laughter. Based on the amount of money pledged, a listener will receive various forms of packaged and state of the art temporary PBS tattoos… Obviously there is nothing more in life that I would rather have adorned to my body or to the nether regions thereof, a PBS tattoo. Has anyone as yet ventured into the idea of optical lighting body adornment?

I am at a loss for the celebration of today… Biodiesel Day. Just think of all the cars at rush hour emanating the odoriferous fragrance of French fries. And today is St. Cyril of Jerusalem’s day… He attempted to teach and protect catechumens. (And yes I had to look up that word.)

Henry cannot get a Papal annulment for his marriage to Catherine of Aragon… and Anne Boleyn appears to be garnering more and more gifts and jewels from the royal coffers. The Tudors’ plot lines and allegiances keep me enthralled. All I can say is that my high school history classes were never this fun and intriguing.

Check out my latest posts on Quilts SB. Metropolis has been finished and Cosmos’ Moon is now being quilted.

And my Trek continues.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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