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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 89 – Jim’s Trek – 20.1 Miles – Another Inch on my Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Today I completed my 20.1 miles. I on Illinois 116 near someplace called Saunemin. Saunemin is a village in Livingston County with a population somewhere about 500. It was named after a Kickapoo chief. I always thought Kickapoo was moonshine. Total mileage to date –1,431.4.

I’m almost to my next Interlake address goal, and I just found another one. The new one is a short detour and close enough that it makes me want to reach it. This adds about another 90 miles to my Trek.

And today another goal has been reached. My belly measurement has dropped another inch to 37”. That is seven inches since I began my Trek on my Schwinn 150. Something must be working. And the chart shows –

Season 1 Game of Thrones finale – Run, run, run, revenge, revenge, fire, fire, fire, run, dragons. And then Bright House On Demand has removed Season 2 off their list of available shows. Say what?

Be healthy and enjoy,


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