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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 156 – Jim’s Trek – 21.0 Miles – Over 2,800 Miles on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

And this morning after my 21.0 miles I am still headed west on the Yellowhead Highway in Manitoba. But the outside temperature has warmed to a great 37° F or 2°C. Somewhat a bit different of the 76° F, 24° C at home here in Tampa. But I continue my Trek on my Schwinn 150, and this morning I now topped 2,810.2 miles.

And I have now dropped 8.8 lbs, about 4 kgs, since I began my Schwinn 150 Trek on December 2, 2012. Believe it or not I am definitely eating more. I must be, I suppose, to make up for the average 600 calories that I am burning each day. I am averaging, since I started, approximately 18.2 miles, 29.3 kms, each day. I am cycling just under 1 hour and 10 minutes, which varies, each day. Also key has been that I have only taken one day off, and that was after I had completed 130 days. My belly measurement has changed from 44” to 35” (112 to 89 cms). I am really pleased with myself that I have been able to reduce by 9” (23 cms).

The following Google map is a direct route mapping of my Schwinn 150 Trek from Tampa to Seattle. The “B” marker pinpoints where I had reached, virtually, and where I started from today on my continuing journey to my final Interlake address goal in Seattle. (I have not included all my 20 reached Interlake goals.)

A real positive side-effect of the self-indulgent Trek, on my Schwinn 150, is that my sleep at night is much more sound and definitely refreshing. I never considered myself an insomniac. I just never need many hours of sleep… but now I feel extremely rested and invigorated after my daily one hour plus ride through a virtual North America and through the various films and serials. (Definite secret – I make sure that there are NO distracting commercials included on whatever I am watching while on my Schwinn 150.)

And today’s movie on my Trek is the 2011 film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen starring Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, and Amr Waked. Also included in the cast is Conleth Hill who plays Lord Varys in Game of Thrones. A fair light-hearted British comedy of the powers-that-be believing that the development of a salmon fishing enterprise in Yemen in the desert would be good for British/Middle Eastern relationships.

And believe it or not I am now remembering my crochet skills from 40 years ago.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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