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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 165 – Jim’s Trek – 20.5 Miles – I Continue in Saskatchewan

Good Day,

Today my cycling completed 20.5 miles. I am located on the Trans-Canada Highway in Saskatchewan just south of Big Quill Lake… (which of course, I initially read the map as Quilt Lake.) Quill Lake, a village on the northwest of Big Quill Lake and Little Quill Lake is known as the “Goose Capital of Saskatchewan”.

Tomorrow I will hit another milestone in my Schwinn 150 Trek. Stay tuned.

Supper last night included homemade Kale Walnut Pesto. Sausage Tortellini with Kale Walnut Pesto. Buitoni sausage tortellini… Pesto – kale from Urban Oasis, walnuts, garlic, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, salt pepper. I think I like this new diet. I’m eating in moderation, period!

Episode 6 of Da Vinci’s Demons becomes darker as we are introduced to Vlad the Impaler, aka Vlad III Dracula. Leonardo is still on his quest to understand the Sons of Mithras and his search for the Book of Leaves. The Medicis are in pursuit of alliances with neighboring kingdoms in their all and out acrimony with Rome and the Papacy.

This afternoon I checked out CK’s swimming lessons. I am the very proud Grandpa, of course, and I am there with my usual camera… It was when I was snapping pictures that something sort-of strange caught my eyes and lens. On a shelving unit the Elmo props and a life-like looking baby doll was stuck away in a heap. I really had to look twice. I must have been out of it for years… Are dolls now made that life-like or are my eyes ready for a new checkup?

Internet speed upgraded to 90 Mbps. Needless to say The Pack all wanted in to find out what was going on.  In the back - Taylor; right to left - Radar, Max, Bella, and Tinker.  We want in!!!

My Trek continues.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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