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Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 171 – Jim’s Trek – 20.7 Miles – Tiaras and Morse

Good Day,

Today I once again completed another 20.7 miles on my Schwinn 150. I am headed in a southerly direction on Highway 2. I then took a quick turn west on Highway 733, and then south on 2. I have crossed over the Louis Riel Trail. (Image of Louis Riel, circa 1873 (courtesy Provincial Archives of Manitoba/N-5733). The Canadian Encyclopedia © 2012 Historica-Dominion)

After today, I now have 1,070.3 miles remaining in my Trek to my final destination of Seattle. Based on my calculations at my average rate of 18.5 miles a day I should make it to my Seattle endpoint in about 58 days. That should be somewhere around Sunday, July 21. We’ll see… I do have two more Interlake address goals before the final one.

It is near to impossible to type with my keyboard when there are three of five of The Pack sharing my chair, and one is at my feet. It’s so nice to be as wanted… but I know there is just the anticipation of circular bowls filled with breakfast chow that are dancing through their wee little heads.

Today is International Tiara Day! And boy do I have to hold myself back from the thoughts and comments that are just racing around in my head.

It is also |_ _ |_ _ _ |. _ . |. . . |. |_ . _ . |_ _ _| _ . . |. |_ . . |. _ |_ . _ _|

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone introduces 9 3/4s, Hogwarth, Mountain Trolls, Quiditch, and Fluffy… It looks like the first film of the series will take three days of cycling to complete. I am also amazed at those parts and gems that I may have missed the first time around.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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