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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 168 – Jim’s Trek – 22.0 Miles – 22nd Interlake Goal Reached – Watrous, Saskatchewan

Good Day,

It is with heavy heart that I ride today, thinking about the victims, children and parents, affected by the devastation from natural forces in Moore and Oklahoma. My thoughts are with all.

Today my cycling, on my Schwinn 150, has reached my 22nd Interlake address goal. A direct connection from Tampa – 2,043.0 miles; via my Trek – 3,058.3 miles. My 22nd Interlake goal appears to be more of the name of a business, Interlake Human Resources on Main Street, I believe, in Watrous, Saskatchewan. The population of the Town of Watrous is about 1,900.  And yes, I used to work with RBC.

All Saints Anglican Church in Watrous is known for one of its stained glass windows; the West Window, which brought over from England in about 1912. Check out the details at the Institute for Stained Glass in Canada. This site may provide a key for me to locate a stained glass window that was placed in Westmount, Quebec in the name of my uncle James D. A. Robertson, my namesake and eponym.
My total miles today equaled 3,062.9. I am located at the "C" marker on the Google map.  It appears that the Google Mobile Imaging Vehicle must have missed a small section of the road on Saskatchewan Highway 2.  Obviously I am headed south.  My next Interlake goal is now about 594 miles away, en route to my final goal in Seattle, Washington.

Supper last night resulted, coupled with the exercise, a blood sugar reading of 95 mg/dl. Supper was Shrimp and Rainbow Chard from Urban Oasis, onions, garlic, oregano, fire-roasted tomatoes on a bed of parmesan, basil polenta.

Our quilt PJs and Packages went to its new home last night… Work continues on the construction of Astro-Physics and the preliminary design of Tampa Kaleidoscope. Check details at Quilts SB.

Keeping with a northern, albeit a highland theme, this morning’s viewing pleasure is the animated film Brave. A true to form Disney princess-type story in Scotland with a witch and a talking bear. Same theme, with red, curly, long, and disheveled hair… but she turns her mother into a bear. Yes my viewing pleasure is one of many tastes.

And the monsoon season in Tampa, and Florida. I took a quick image on my iPhone of the ominous thunder clouds amassing during the day.

Congratulations to CS on the new promotion.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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