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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 162 – Jim’s Trek – 20.7 Miles – 8th Degree of Resistance

Good Day,

Today I have increased a number of my targets. First of all I increased the resistance on my Schwinn 150 to 8. I decided to at least complete a combined time, mileage, and calories burned to approximate 1 hour and 6 minutes, 20.0 miles, and 600 calories. This morning I clocked 1 hour and 6 minutes, 20.7 miles, and burned 633 calories. My total mileage now equals 2,937.9 miles.

I am still located on the Trans-Canada/Yellowhead Highway in Saskatchewan and I am somewhere on the flat horizon southeast of the Village of Sheho, Saskatchewan. And this is the smallest population yet. In 2006 there were 121 persons living here.'

And the junk and spam emails guaranteeing me wealth beyond my dreams that really does belong to me, shy of the Publishers’ Clearing House, have increased substantially through the night and early morning. I received one from Singapore, one from Japan, a new one from Nigeria, another one from Zambia, and one from the good old USofA. I do know that I have relatives and distant cousins scattered over this globe, but according to these “please-act-as-fast-as-possible-and-send-us-your-vital-information” I should be a lucky recipient of somewhere in the vicinity of enough money to satisfy the Euro debt of the country of Greece.

My apologies to Mr. David Bryan, Mrs. Debra Whitman, Mr. David Ogundipe Gbolahan, and Dr. Elias Dulce but I truly feel sorry that some unscrupulous idiots out in Internetland are using your names to incite some type of air of authority and credibility to their bogus and supercilious schemes. My thoughts are that if the numbers of spam emails are increasing substantially, does this mean that there is an exponential increase in the number of victims who are responding.

This morning’s episode of Da Vinci’s Demons just heightens my awareness that power-mongering and thievery in organized religion and politics has not changed since the days of Leonardo da Vinci to today. That's in over 500 hundred years... Do we ever learn?

Back to the quilting, the search and research, the crocheting, and something tonight for supper with pork and mushrooms.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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