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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 159 – Jim’s Trek – 21.1 Miles – Trans-Canada Highway in Saskatchewan

Good Day and Happy Mother’s Day,

Well, I do not see any mountains or hills at my current location of my Schwinn 150 Trek. I am now clocking mile 2,874.2. My 21.1 miles this morning were along the Trans-Canada Highway, also known as the Yellowhead.

This morning I cycled through the Town of Bredenbury, population 329. I am headed in a north westerly direction to my next Interlake address goal on my way to my final destination in Seattle.

From what I can find the only restaurant in Bredenbury, and I stand corrected, is Ming Wong’s Restaurant. Why is it that there appears to always be some sort of Asian restaurant in most towns, of any size, in North America? Just asking, as I do love Asian recipes.

According to Weather Underground and their Satellite radar there is a fair to large disturbance in the Gulf headed toward Tampa Bay and Florida. Wonder if my Interlake will flood this afternoon? Only 19 days to the beginning of the Hurricane Season.

If this map's statistics, provided by WTHR-TV Indianapolis, are correct, it is a wonder that the Neros of today are "fiddling while Rome burns"... Statistically this could be an interesting chart representing public employee compensation. And yes, both sides of the aisle can read whatever s/he wants to into this representation, it just is an interesting presentation.

The last half of Anonymous… It is that type of movie that one, if interested, should now look up the histories of the Queen Elizabeth I; the Earls of Essex, of Oxford; the Cecil, and Ben Johnson. Is the tale true? It certainly made a reasonable movie.

I am wondering about petty persons who always feel that s/he is born with his/her self-proclaimed birthright that s/he is the only one that should be in control. I wonder if there is some underlying source of his/her self-directed madness. Just asking.

Back to my writing, recipes, quilting, crocheting, cycling, reading, and playing the piano.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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