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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 169 – Jim’s Trek – 21.6 Miles – 34 ½ Inches.

Good Day,

This morning I completed 21.6 miles on my Schwinn 150. I burned 602 calories and my belly measurement today is down another half-inch. My waist has now reduced to 34 ½” from the 44” when I started my Trek on December 2, 2012. Guess I am going to need some new shorts and pants shortly.

Today I am located in Saskatchewan on Highway 2, just south of the Town of Imperial. Imperial, population in the vicinity of 350, is about halfway between Saskatoon and Regina.

The following is a graphical summary of my 22 Interlake Goals.

This morning I finished the second part of the animated film Brave. Not bad but very Disney.

Not much more to report this morning. I have been checking up what and when I should eat immediately after my strenuous cycling workout. Thus far I have found that I need to eat something between 15 to 60 minutes after I stop. Time for me to research.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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